It’s the Sound of Speed

Transonic flight pushes the envelope of the speed of sound. Aboard our flagship aero road bike, take flight as revolutionary linear frame design meets engineering and integration. Effortlessly accelerate towards the upper reaches of speed and performance a bike can offer.

Aero Kamm Tail Tube Shapes

A by-product of Computational Fluid Dynamic design and extensive wind tunnel testing, the Transonic is constructed using Kamm tail tube shapes which are truncated airfoils that perform better with less drag at yaw (side winds).

  • Fit Better, Ride Faster

    Progressive stack and reach geometry for industry leading fit. The widest range of stack and reach ensures that all sizes will place riders in the perfect position on the bike. Six available sizes further provides optimal fit for a variety of riders.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Construction

    Our premium, ultra high-modulus carbon material used in the "1 series" employs high compaction molding and three levels of carbon material insuring the lightest, stiffest frames in the industry.
  • Flat-Mounted Rear Disc Brake Caliper

    Low profile disc brake caliper designed specifically for road bikes providing cleaner integration and more direct connection of the brake caliper to the frame as well as better alignment of the caliper and brake rotor.
  • Stem/Head Tube Cable Routing

  • Embedded Seat Tube Bolt

Transonic 1.1

$6,499.99 USD

Transonic 1.3

$5,999.99 USD

Transonic 2.1

$4,999.99 USD

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