Make Your Ride a Breeze

The Sanibel is a laid-back cruiser that will get you to your destination without breaking a sweat. The rear hub is equipped with a pedal-assist motor that amplifies your efforts making your ride a breeze. The pedal-forward frame design allows riders to stay seated and comfortably place their feet on the ground when stopping, creating sure footed stability. Laid back, classic cool meets modern-day technology to deliver what’s sure to be your new favorite ride.

Durable Aluminum Frame

Our entry-level aluminum that is straight gauge, no butting profiles, but offers the best durability of Fuji's frame materials.

  • Bafang Driver E-Assist

    A premium pedal assist electric motor that amplifies the energy you put into the pedals.
  • Battery Power

    Five modes let you select the amount of assistance you want with assisted speeds up to 20m/h or 25km/h, including a walk assist mode.
  • Comfort Cockpit

    Handlebars, brake levers, and shifters are specifically positioned for rider comfort and ease of use.


$1,199.97 USD $1,499.99

Sanibel LS

$1,199.97 USD $1,499.99

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