Our aero road race bike is designed for one thing - going fast. Aggressive positioning, lightweight construction, and wind slicing design, all moving forward in harmony.


Our lightweight race bike is designed for all around road riding efficiency. Climbing, sprinting, and even long mileage are all made simpler on this weight conscious machine.

Gran Fondo

Our carbon endurance bike is designed for the enthusiast rider putting in those longer miles. Upright positioning, forgiving road absorption, and size-specific stiffness mean comfort for the long haul.


Our aluminum endurance bike is designed for the more budget conscious enthusiast rider. Upright positioning, forgiving frame features, and thoughtful components mean an all-day machine in an affordable package.

Track Elite

The Track Elite represents our unrelenting passion for the sport of track cycling. This aero carbon frame is one of the fastest on the market delivering athletes to multiple national championships, world championship medals, and Olympic start spots.