Jari Carbon

The Jari Carbon is a next generational gravel bike. Carbon construction meets form and function. Thoughtful features, aero tubing, dual-purpose riding at its finest.


Our do-it-all gravel machine, the Jari is a true biker's bike. Efficient on the road and comfortable on the rough stuff, keep it lean or load it up. You'll be taking your Jari everywhere.

Jari Carbon CX

The Jari Carbon CX is anything but a one-trick pony - this bike shines on the cross course but is ready to take on a gravel race or go off on an adventure at a whim. With lively handling, obstacle-clearing BB height, and massive tire clearance you'll experience the agility and versatility many of today's gravel bikes are lacking. Punchy and quick while stable and comfortable at the same time, the Jari Carbon CX is the perfect weapon for race day, mixed terrain, gravel endurance rides, and getting out and exploring.


All the gravel fun with a little boost when you need it. The E-Jari pairs our popular gravel platform with the Fazua Evation drive system.


Load them up and ride all day, get out and explore on these rack ready adventure seeking bikes.


The Thrill is a 650c flat-bar gravel bike designed specifically for kids. Make no mistake, while kid-sized, this is no toy.