Beach Town Living

Where the Cape May is your beach going convertible, the Captiva is your open-aired 4-wheeler. This cruiser is equally at home running errands as it is putting in a few early morning miles on the boardwalk.

Durable Aluminum Frame

Our entry-level aluminum that is straight gauge, no butting profiles, but offers the best durability of Fuji's frame materials.

  • Adjustable Stem

    Adjustable stem moves to fit multiple rider heights and comfort levels.
  • Plush Seat

    Wide, soft, spring loaded seat is as comfortable as it gets.
  • Geared for Longer Hauls

    Larger gear range provides output options if using for longer rides on the boards or boulevards.

Captiva 7 LS

$599.99 USD

Captiva 7

$599.99 USD

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