Meet the Trail Conqueror

With a modern alloy frame and Bosch's best pedal-assist mountain bike motor, the Blackhill EVO will help you roll over, up and down almost any terrain. Incorporating the new A4 rear suspension, the Blackhill EVO was designed with a lower step-over height, giving you more confidence and better handling. The Bosch Powertube keeps the battery cleverly hidden in the downtube for a clean, sleek look while beefy 4-piston disc brake system mean you'll stop as efficiently as you go.

Super Lightweight Super-butted Aluminum Frame

Our lightest and strongest aluminum frame material that has multiple butting profiles in the frame tubes and reduces material in low stress areas which creates a lighter frame without sacrificing frame stiffness and durability.

  • Bosch Performance CX Drive System

    The Performance Line CX is a powerful, dynamic drive for intuitive handling and a unique riding sensation.
  • Active 4-Bar Suspension

    MLink‚ĄĘ is a four-bar suspension system, with the chainstay pivot positioned in the middle of the chainstay. This balanced design provides a smooth and efficient system with less flex, less binding, and less bearing and pivot stress.
  • Smart System

    In the smart system the drive unit is fully connected with the other components of your eBike.

Blackhill EVO 27.5+ 1.5


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