Plenty of Snarl

There’s not much “kid” to this kid-sized mountain bike. Built on a superlight alloy frame with 80mm suspension fork, the Beartooth can easily sink its teeth into anything even mom or dad might throw its way.

Sized for Kids

With its 24+ wheels, this mountain bike is dialed in perfectly for kids ready to take the next step in their riding.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame

    Our entry-level aluminum that is straight gauge, no butting profiles, but offers the best durability of Fuji's frame materials.
  • Disc Brakes

    Disc brakes take less effort at the lever for better modulation and improved braking performance, particular for smaller hands.
  • Suspension Fork

    The RST F1RST 80mm travel suspension fork allows the Beartooth to handle some bigger terrain with ease.

Beartooth 24+

$649.97 USD $1,099.99

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