The Road Less Traveled

The Adventure is a wallet-friendly mountain bike that can be used for light trail riding or commuting. Trickle-down technology from our top-of-the-line models ensures the Adventure rides well and can be a gateway to a new cycling lifestyle.

Straight Gauge Aluminum Frame

Our entry-level aluminum that is straight gauge, no butting profiles, but offers the best durability of Fuji's frame materials.

  • Fender Mounts

    Frame and forks are configured to accept most aftermarket fenders turning your bike into an all weather machine.
  • Disc Brakes

    Disc brakes take less effort at the lever for better modulation and improved braking performance, particularly for smaller hands.
  • Wide Gear Range

    Shimano 3x7 speed drivetrain provides plenty of range to handle a variety of riding situations.

Adventure 27.5 ST

$399.97 USD $529.99

Adventure 27.5

$399.97 USD $529.99

Adventure 27.5 Comp ST

$399.97 USD $549.99

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