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UCI Cyclocross World Cup Round 1

Caroline Mani tackled the first round of the UCI World Cyclocross Cup in Waterloo, Wisconsin on Sunday. Going into the race, Mani had high hopes. A wet course, Euro pros, and a stressful lead-in didn't set her up for the race she wanted. With two more UCI World Cups in the US this week, she is focusing on the future.

Caroline races aboard the Fuji Jari Carbon 1.1. She has two identical bikes one to race on and one to keep in the pits in case of a mechanical.


Mani is a French athlete but lives in Colorado Springs, CO.


Last-minute adjustments on the start line.


Off-camber sections always cause chaos in the field.


It was full gas from the start for Caroline.


Mani was disappointed in her race but is ready to push through to the next World Cup in Fayetteville, AR.