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Jack McKinney Takes on Windham


This past weekend I was at Windham Bikepark in New York for my race. We drove up Friday afternoon and set up our campsite. We went to sleep and woke up nice and refreshed for a good day of riding. We took the lift up bright and early for some practice laps on the course. The course started off with an open straight away with some rock jumps, after this, you do a rock drop into the woods, then into the woods, you go with some roots and rocks. After this, you go around a corner and then into some wet rocks, this section is when you realize it is very wet and muddy. After the rocks, you go down a big grass hill into a steep chute of tech off a rock drop, then into a grass turn that puts you at a rock drop into some tech. You keep going through many rocks and roots and then come out to another steep chute full of tech and mud. Finally, you hit a berm into a rock berm, and then a rock drop into the last woods drop. A little jump, and when you are finished.

This race was very muddy and it was sloppy to ride in. I did some more practice laps and then shut it down for the day so I could have lots of energy for the next day.

Race day. I pedaled up to the mountain at 9:00 and then hopped on the lift for some more practice runs. I did 4 and got nice and comfortable on the trail and then went up for the Rae run. I dropped in for my run with speed through the foggy top course. I hit all of my lines through the first tech section and was flying down the grass hill. I went through the roots and rocks with speed off the rock drop. Hit the next drop and then through to some more tech. I was going a little slower through the mud so I didn't slip. I was going through the muddy chute with speed still but I was getting tired. I hit my lines through the last tech bit and went off the final drop. Hit the corner and scrubbed the jump with a finishing time of 4:51. I ended up placing 9th and was happy with that. After one more run we went to the car and started the ride home.

The bike performed great and couldn’t have been happier with it. It was a super fun weekend and can wait for the next one. #fujifamily