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5 Essential Items to Take With You on Your Commute

The mornings can be a blur. Don’t add to your morning chaos by getting stranded on your commute! These simple items will help you get out of any sticky situations and into the office on time.


 1. Flat Fixing Kit

Just like a car can get a flat tire, bikes sometimes do too! Bringing a flat fixing kit with a pump, tube, and some patches is something you will want to make sure you always have with you on your rides. The New York Times has some great tips on what to include in your kit. Make sure you are familiar with how to change your own flat so that you are all ready to go if (and when!) the time comes.


 2. Lights

Lights might be something you think you only need in lowlight situations, but in fact, lights are just as important to be sure you are seen by drivers on the road as well. Riders generally gravitate towards a front and rear light for visibility from different angles. A great starting point is this Outside article that details the optimal light setups for different times of the day.


 3. Phone and Portable Charger

Every morning before you begin your commute, make sure your phone is fully charged and that you have a fully charged portable charger with you as well. It is a great lifeline if you have a mechanical or other emergency, or even if you need to bail and call an Uber! You can also use this guide from Popular Mechanics for app recommendations to track your ride and see how many miles you rack up over time!


 4. A Change of Clothes

There’s always the possibility for a stray shower or some chain grease to make its way onto your work clothes. It’s great to have a backup set at work just in case you need them! No one wants to sit in wet pants all day!


 5. Bike Lock

The last thing you want after work is to come outside to find out your bike has been stolen! There are many different kinds of locks built to fit different needs. Bicycling did a round-up of the best bike locks and you’re sure to find something there that fits your needs!