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The 3 Best Fuji Bikes for Commuting

Starting your morning with fresh air puts a positive spin on the rest of the day! Just about any Fuji Bike can get you to-and-from your office with no problem, but these three are our favorites for getting started.


 1. Absolute 

The Absolute is a staple of the Fuji line-up due to its ability to strike the perfect balance of speed and comfort. This is a great option for someone whose commute is mainly paved, with potentially some light off-road riding, and they are looking to get there in a jiffy! Many models come with disc brakes for confident stopping and there is a step-through option for easy mounting and dismounting.

When the workday is done, the Absolute is more than prepared to put in some intervals or run some errands!


2. Conductor 

Don’t want to break a sweat on the way to the office? The Conductor is the perfect bike for you! The Conductor is an electric bike designed to give you the power and convenience of an electric motor with outstanding components. Upright geometry, fenders, a rack, and a front light give commuters everything they need - plus the motor has up to 20 miles of assistance making it a great fit for even the longest commutes.


3. Traverse 

When you want to turn your morning commute into an adventure, you’ll want to go for the Traverse! Each Traverse model comes with beefier tires for off-road riding, a front suspension fork, and disc brakes giving you the confidence to venture on to trails, or to handle the bumpy roads! The Traverse is a great option for someone looking to commute and also start to explore the world of mountain biking!