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Photos courtesy of photographer Scott Ryder (IG: ScottRyderCycling) from the book “Japanese Steel: Classic Bicycle Design from Japan”.

We want to feature your Fuji!

We’ve made some really cool bikes over the years and our riders have done an amazing job at preserving them! To continue to celebrate our 120 years, we want to see your retro Fujis! 

In our USA headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania we have a Fuji museum. We took a look at it and realized that we’re missing a few amazing historical Fujis and then we started thinking - we should reach out to you! 

We’re looking for three stand-out Fujis from the years past that are in great condition. In exchange for letting us use your Fuji in our museum, we’ll replace it with a new 2020 Fuji valued at up to $1500.

To submit your Fuji, tag us on Instagram with #FeatureMyFuji or fill out this short form.