BikeBoard Test of the New Fuji Gran Fondo

The Fuji brand has consistently expanded its endurance category, making their offerings wide. We saw the release of the new Fuji Gran Fondo, as the name suggests, an endurance model built for long distance. The newly redesigned frame prioritizes vibration absorption with Fuji’s newly developed proprietary technology, VRTech, making for substantially less vibration.” 

Fiets Quarter Less Vibration with Fuji’s Gran Fondo

“The Gran Fondo is the answer to cyclists’ arch-enemy: shocks of bad roads. Vibrations create fatigue, reduce comfort and performance falls short. The Gran Fondo is a bike designed for sitting all day in the saddle and enjoy every minute of it. Tests have shown that VRTech reduces vibrations by almost a quarter (24.6%) compared to the previous versions of the Gran Fondo. Thus the bicycle according to Fuji is more comfortable than ever as was done without prejudice to the racing character. This is a bike designed for comfort and speed.”

Velomotion the new Fuji Gran Fondo Endurance Bike: Against vibration

“The Fuji Gran Fondo is, if you will, already a familiar acquaintance—since 2012 the endurance bike has been an integral part of the portfolio for this US producer. For 2016 this long-running model gets a comprehensive makeover. Featuring new framework, new models, and new technology the 2016 Fuji Gran Fondo is not just a bike name for Fuji, but an enduring philosophy.”

Bike Rumor — The New Fuji Gran Fondo keeps things smooth with a more comfortable level of performance

 “Fuji went to the trouble to make a few frames using the same molds but missing VRTech fibers. I got to do a back to back comparison between the two different frames, and after hitting sections of the road that would definitely cause vibration, I literally giggled regarding how much more pronounced it was on the non-VRTech frame. Good on Fuji for putting a little proof in the pudding. Overall this bike was a pleasure to ride while still performing like its more competitive SL and Transonic bikes.”

Cycling Weekly — Fuji’s Gran Fondo gets disc brakes and improved compliance features

“The design of endurance bikes to reduce the transmission of road vibration to the rider is getting increasingly sophisticated and Fuji has applied a range of measures to its all-new Gran Fondo Disc.”

Bike Radar — Fuji infuses revamped Gran Fondo with vibration-killing technology: New endurance machine promises class-leading smoothness

“Fuji’s road range has for the last four years been under constant, ground-up redevelopment and lessons learnt impressed us here at BikeRadar. With the all-new Gran Fondo, Fuji’s design team has looked at every element of the GF’s chassis to improve comfort while maintaining swift handling from the SL and the stability of the Transonic. First ride impressions: precise handling and tingle-free fingers: the Fuji Gran Fondo 1.3 seemed truly impressive…the overall impression is a chassis that’s as good at isolating you from irritating road buzz as anything I’ve tried without the aid of suspension. Once the ride was finished we jumped straight onto an unmarked mule (sans VRTech). Honestly the difference was marked–on the production bike this section felt smooth and slick, while on the mule halfway down the steep twisting decent we had that telltale tingle in our hands. In all the Gran Fondo impresses…we can’t wait to get a GF back on UK soil and treat it to some truly bad road surfaces to see if VRTech really is the cure for tingling fingers we think it might be.”

Bicycle Times — Fuji launches Gran Fondo road bike

“Fuji released its newset road bike this week, the Gran Fondo. The bike’s primary selling point is that it was designed to significantly reduce road vibrations for those who love long rides.”

BRAIN — Fuji releases new Gran Fondo line in Taiwan

“Advanced Sports’ Fuji brand updated its Gran Fondo line of comfort/performance road bikes with a new frame material technology that dampens vibrations. Fuji spent several years finding the right material supplier and then deciding where and how to use it most effectively in the frame. VRTech (Vibration Reduction Technology) uses layers of natural fiber treated with polyurethane, strategically placed within the frame and fork’s carbon layup.”