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Track Elite

The Track Elite represents a century-old brand's unrelenting passion for the sport of track racing and commitment to providing this very specialized market with a groundbreaking product - what Fuji is proud to stand behind as the best track bike in the world. The Track Elite is the stiffest Fuji ever made, with the singular purpose of winning medals and putting you at the top of the podium.  

Track Elite

  • C10 carbon frame with RIB technology, a reinforced I-beam that runs the length of the downtube and the fork blades for unrivaled stiffness and razor sharp steering precision.
  • Solid, stainless-steel dropouts ensure that the constant wheel changes in track racing don't mar the surface of the dropout and allow for smoother, more secure wheel changes.
  • Designed with all-around Omnium geometry well suited for every track event.
  • Equipped with race-ready tubulars and carbon deep-dish rims for improved aerodynamics.
  • Developed in the A2 wind tunnel with optimized tube shapes for ultimate aerodynamic efficiency. 

Built to Perform