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Fuji Signs Cameron Dye
April 18, 2013
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Fuji is proud to announce its 2013 sponsorship of professional triathlete Cameron Dye, who is coming off the best season of his career: 6 wins, an additional six Top-10s, and the prestigious Race the Toyota Cup series title. In recognition of his outstanding season, Dye was named 2012 Non-Olympic/ITU Triathlete of the Year by USA Triathlon.

For the 2013 season, Dye will race the Norcom Straight: Fuji's next-generation Tri/TT bike launching May 1st.

"Fuji approached me at the end of last year about switching over (from sister-brand Kestrel) to help them launch their new TT bike, and it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up," said Dye. "They've proven they can make a great bike in the D-6, and this one's going to be even better."

Dye is currently training on a prototype of Fuji's new Tri/TT machine that he will race at St. Anthony's Triathlon on April 28th. He will unveil his official Norcom Straight - for which he designed the colorways - a week later at Rev3 Knoxville on May 5th. The black, white, and silver model will be available in Fuji's 2014 model lineup as the Norcom Straight 2.5.

Of the prototype he's been riding, the 28-year-old Boulder native said, "It's light; it's super-stiff; and it has the adjustability that lots of TT bikes just don't have. It will provide any rider, at any distance, a great ride - whether it be me trying to throw down a 52-minute 40k or someone trying to ride 6 hours in an Ironman."

After turning pro in 2006, Dye's breakout year came in 2010. With his 2010 victory at St. Anthony's Triathlon, Dye - along with his blonde, curly locks and his signature style of demolishing the field on the bike - made his presence known. Deemed an up-and-comer storming onto the tri scene, Dye tallied two wins and five podiums in 2011.

Moving into 2013, new designations for the 2012 Toyota Cup Champion include "Triathlete of the Year" and "master of the non-drafting Olympic distance"(Slowtwitch).

Enter the Norcom Straight.

"Knowing what I was able to do last year, I'm stoked to be able to get off the front and do bigger and better things on this bike," said Dye.

"In just his 6-year career, Cam's accomplishments are huge," said Fuji Sponsorship Manager Milay Galvez. "He's such a strong cyclist, capable of dominating a field on the bike and never looking back. We truly can't wait to see what he's going to do on the Norcom Straight." 

Stay tuned for Norcom Straight Teaser Video #2, debuting tomorrow - featuring Cam Dye.



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